It’s simple - here you’ll get everything! It’s a live diary containing everything I do when it comes to my dog training, agility and everything around it. Everything from basic foundations to running contacts and advanced courses. It’s not a typical online class - it’s a lot more!



I will film everything I do with my dogs and publish the unedited material in a Facebook Group where you get access. You can only join as an auditor and you will have access to all material and my thoughts in agility training.
You will receive weekly or biweekly updates that include videos and every month I will gather your questions in a livestream Question & Answer session.



The Training Diary is a monthly subscription service. 

For just 15€/month you get instant access to the FB group containing every training session with my dogs.  There is a minimal 12 month subscription that will renew after 12 months if not cancelled. 

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Frequently asked questions

How do I pay?

Your payment can be made through paypal or credit / debit card.

Can I share or save the content from the group?

No, all content is copywrited and cannot be downloaded or shared.

How do I cancel my subcription?

The subscribtion is binding for 12 months.
You can cancel after 12 months or the subscription with automatically renew.

Do I need a Facebook account?

Yes, the subscribtion gives you full access to a Facebook group where I post all of my training sessions with my dogs.

Which dogs are included in the Training Diary?

All training with Party & Sushi is included + occational training with Mac & Pod.
From July 2021 the Diary also contains a Puppy Diary with my BC puppy Zane.

Do I need to register to your website?

Yes, you need to press "registrera dig" and out up a profile before proceeding to check out.