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About me

My name is Enya Habel. I'm 25 years old and I live in the northern Sweden, Luleå, with my partner Markus and our six dogs Sydney, Party, Pod, Mac, Sushi & Zane. I have been doing agility since 2011 & started teaching in 2014. You can read more about my dogs, my philosophy or my achievements here on the website. 


During the years, I’ve slowly been figuring out what kind of agility I like and I always fall back on “the simple one”. I want my agility to look simple from the ringside and most important, I want my agility to feel simple. If it doesn't feel simple I'm sure that I need to change something.
I think the key to simple agility is a well educated dog and I put my main focus on building a steady foundation for my dogs. So when I ask them for something on the course - they know how to solve it and I have freedom to leave early. 


Foto: Maria Pettersson


I started my first competition in 2011 with my Jack Russell Terrier Sydney.
I was so nervous and so stressed that I forgot to both buy the license and measure my dog before I ran the first run. Luckily that didn't stop me then and since my shaky debut iv'e run 6 times at the Swedish Championships and in 2018 I won individual Gold with just her, Sydney. 


In 2015 i bought my second dog and my first Sheltie, Party. Since she came into my life we've managed to compete 2 times at the Swedish Championships, win Gold at ISAC & represented Sweden at the Nordic championships, European Open & World Championships 2018 & 2019.

I always loved to teach and i had my first real seminar in 2014.
Since then I've travelled Europe teaching. To keep myself updated in the rapid development of the sport I compete a lot outside of Sweden. 

I have been very inspired by the central Europe and their way to both train and handle dogs. 

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