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Self study class!
Challenge your weaves! 

Do you need more independent weaves? Can you leave your dog sideways while weaving? Can you do a somersault while your dog is weaving? Does you dog understand the value of finishing the obstacle no matter what? Does your dog really understand the verbal cue for the weaves?

I've put together a bunch of weave challenges so.. 
Let's challenge YOUR weaves! 

Every lesson will contain one skill challenge where you work on weave poles skills and one drill challenge where you try your weaving skills in a few obstacle course. 

Which means that if you only have axess to the weaves or only have a small training place, you can follow almost every lesson by training skills! 

This purchase is only material and does not include personal feedback.

(You can of course use open channel weaves or guide wires during you training!)


Language: English
Acess: Access to the material 6 months after enrolling
Where: Website forum
Price: 995 SEK
Additional information: Just material & no personal feedback 

Join today!

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