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Brainpool's Mindful Missil

Winner of Gåsahoppet 2023
AWC Bronze in Jumping class 2022
Agility dog of the year 2021/2022

Team winner Slovenian Open 2022
Winner of Moravia Open 2022
Winner of Kongsvinger easter final 2022

Winner of the Swedish AWC tryouts 2022
Winner of the Swedish AWC tryouts 2021
National Champion 2021
Agility dog of the year 2018/2019
Gold Rush Winner Ind. 2019
Gold Rush Winner Team 2019
ISAC Winner Ind. 2019
AWC Silver in Jumping class 2019

Nordic Champion Ind. Small 2019
EO Silver in Agility class 2019
Vice Nordic Champion team 2019
(EO, Nordics, AWC)
Winner of the Swedish AWC tryouts 2019
Hungarian Open Winner 2019
AWC Team Silver Jumping 2018

Nordic Champion team 2018


(EO, Nordics, AWC)
Pello Agility Festival winner 2018

HulaHopp winner 2018

ISAC Winner ind. 2017

Dania Cup Winner 2017

Swedish AgilityChampion

Swedish JumpingChampion

Finnish AgilityChampion

Finnish JumpingChampion

Danish AgilityChampion

Danish JumpingChampion

Norwegian JumpingChampion

Nordic AgilityChampion

Nordic JumpingChampion

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