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Seminars - Private lessons - Online classes

Foundation training, Puppy training, Running Contacts & Handling


Follow my training! NEW!

I'm so happy to present the possibility to join me in my training sessions!
With one simple subscription, you will get access to every session I train with my dogs. This will be presented in raw, unedited material that shows both good and bad. Join the community filled with training inspiration,
Q & A's, discussions, live sessions and much much more!


Private lessons

I offer private trainings for individuals and groups at my training place in Luleå, Sweden. I offer trainings on our Galican course. Galican is world leading in producing high quality obstacles and really lie at the forefront when it comes to function, sustainability and safety.

Galican obstacles have been used at the World Championships for the last years.

There is also possible to rent a house on the yard and if needed borrow some dog kennels. 

If you would like to book, just send me an email.
The booking site is in Swedish.


Beyond the trainings at home I can also offer some external trainings both nationally and internationally. 
The arrangement is adjustable and decided by your wishes.

All training is always customized as much as possible.

In addition to the training fee there is also travelling costs to be added.

Don't hesitate to contact me!

Foto: Jennie Nilsson

Foto: Maria Pettersson

Online classes

My goal is to be able to provide online classes in many different subjects. Train when ever you want, take part of the lessons in the private classroom and get personal feedback on you training! 

 If you have any suggestions for a new class, just contact me.  


Ebba Kjellberg, Kalmar

Enya är otroligt peppande och har ett sunt träningssätt. Hon har ändrat min syn på hundträning, främst när det gäller belöningsvärde och detaljträning.


Sanni Kariniemi, Helsinki

There are just a few coaches who can really, (I mean really) push me and my dog to be a better team. Enya is one of them.


Sofie Tjemsland, Stavanger

Enya har et godt øye for detaljer, og gir virkelig 110% som instruktør. Hun hjelper oss med å gjøre våre svakheter om til vår styrke. Vi gleder oss masse til neste gang!


Ina Himle, Oslo

Enya ger konkret feedback og presser meg til å yte hakket mer på banen! Ikke minst får hun oss til å være vågale nok til å ikke være redd for å feile, noe som gir et mye bedre resultat!

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